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Edge Bank
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Meet the
Edge Card.

Edge Card is an IoT Dynamic Payment Card that will consolidate all your payment cards into one device, allowing consumers to pay anywhere using any method:

  • TAP (NFC)

  • DIP (EMV Chip)

  • SWIPE (Mag Stripe)


The Edge Card works with all
payment methods. 

The most versatile dynamic payment card ever made.

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  • 1.3” ePaper screen

  • Storage capacity of up to 50 Credit, Debit, Loyalty and Gift Cards

  • Bluetooth connection to smartphone App

  • Easy Card suspension when lost

  • Easy Card reactivation (w/o having to add credit/debit card accounts)

We're bridging the gap between all payment methods.


Edge Card Lifetime

  • Manages over 800 retail transactions on full charge

  • Total charge time less than 2 hours

  • Contains a lithium ion battery for easy on-the-go charging

  • Sleek, portable design

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The Edge Pay App

Goes hand in hand with
your Edge Card

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The Edge Pay App
has your back

  • Peer to Peer Payments

  • Multiple Security Features

  • Instant Digital Receipts

  • Budgeting

  • Proximity Alerts

  • Live Activity Feed

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Your financial world
will forever be changed. 


Cloud Wallet®

Our Cloud Wallet technology works with the Edge Digital Banking platform.

The Edge Cloud Wallet is a smart cloud based wallet solution that works in all e-commerce environments including web browsers and mobile apps. The Cloud Wallet works to hold an unlimited number of your credit, debit and loyalty cards to make online shopping that much more seamless and secure. 

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